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Stay Free Working Group Agenda and Collaborative Framework


I’ve chosen to highlight the Stay Free Working Group Agenda and Collaborative Framework.


I’m very proud of this project and I think it lends itself well to the idea of taking communication materials and developing them into something visually appealing that adds value to the message of the content.


This document was produced in collaboration with UNICEF. Communicating directly with a Senior HIV Advisor from UNICEF HIV/AIDS Section, we developed the design and layout of the document, including all typography, figures, charts, tables and photos.


The work began by first going through the UNICEF and StayFree visual identity guidelines. Then I went through the document and identified all the various design elements and created a template in Adobe InDesign. Then after some back and forth with UNICEF staff, I created a master template that the document would be created from.


From here I began the layout process first by formatting the text and secondly by identifying places where supporting elements like photos, tables, charts would be most effective. As the document began to take on life, most of the design elements were tweaked in small way to accommodate the larger feel of the document.

The pressure of this particular document to get it right was very present as I worked, knowing that it would be highly visual and needed to be nothing short of perfect. There were many changes to the initial template as we neared completion. Because I used a series of global rules or “styles” to each element in the design program, when text needed to change, or a table,  I would simply change the “style” rules and all the elements in the document would reflect the changes instantaneously.  This saves considerable amount of time, ensures that formatting is consistent across the entire document and allowed for one to make changes in a moments notice and send back for review. 


I am proud of this work, because we were able to reimagine the UNICEF and Stay Free visual identities into something new and fresh, while staying true to the foundational elements of those two brands. The best aspect of this particular project from a working standpoint was being able to have the sounding board in the UNICEF advisor who was instrumental in my success. I believe all such projects are best when worked on by a team.


For this project I used Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.

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