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Business Transformation and Accountability Division (BTAD)




Business Transformation and Accuntability Division (BTAD)

The United Nations Secretary-General has called for an ambitious reform of the Secretariat to transform it into a nimbler organization that is more responsive. Fundamental to this change is a culture of transparency and accountability. A new dedicated capacity in business transformation and accountability (BTAD) brings together various functions dedicated to monitoring and strengthening performance and accountability across the Organization.


What we Do

BTAD works closely with and support managers across the Organization to enable a more holistic view of performance and a constant feedback loop for continuous learning and improvement.

Monitoring and Evaluation Service

  • Support the new system of Delegation of Authority (DA)

  • Monitor the exercise of DA

  • Administer senior managers’ compacts and report on performance

  • Support and building capacity for managers to conduct self-evaluations of programmes and projects



  • Mainstream results-based management (RBM) and enterprise risk management (ERM)

  • Develop RBM in the ERM policies, standards and guidelines and provide ongoing support managers

  • Review findings and recommendations of oversight bodies and share relevant information with appropriate entities

Analytics and project management service

  • Develop dashboards and other on-line platforms to support monitoring and reporting on performance

  • Look for ways to do things differently challenging, challenging the conventional way of thinking

  • Take a long-term view of how the UN’s business model is aligned with evolving mandates changing operational environments, as well as changes in the workplace and society-at-large

  • Coordinate the UN’s portfolio of transformational projects

  • Ensure projects are designed communicated and implemented according to best practices in change and project management

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